Thesis Proposal Guidelines

(Its best to consider all of them!)

  • A description of the problem in enough detail to clearly state the thesis proposition (next item).
  • A proper, concise thesis proposition; this is not an abstract statement like "we're going to investigate the insider problem", but something along the lines of "our hypothesis is that the use of XYZ technology in environment Z under constraints Q can identify insider attackers with probability Z" --- obviously, the fewer qualifiers the better, but you also need to be accurate; since this is a thesis proposal, we will cut you some slack --- but it's in *your* best interest to think hard about this, since it is the anchor point of your whole thesis (and the next few years' worth of work for you).
  • A description of the related work, how it does not solve the problem, and how your hypothesis has not been tested before.
  • Preliminary results (if any) that indicate that you have reason to believe that the hypothesis holds.
  • Additional experiments that you will run to prove that the hypothesis holds.
  • What you'll need to build to run said experiments (and what you've already built)?
  • What happens if you can't run some of these experiments, or if they give you "bad" results --- what's your failover?
  • What are the expected contributions, keeping in mind that each major contribution must demonstrate novelty, non-triviality, and usefulness (so, "first", "best", "only" are good adjectives here).
  • How long you expect all this to take?

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